GI UK Medical are taking steps to help towards a Greener NHS

GI UK Medical’s new range of 100% recycled material and degradable dignity shorts are available throughout the UK!

During lockdown, the UK’s overall carbon footprint fell by 17%, however a rebound was expected.

The NHS accounts for 5.4% of UK carbon dioxide emissions – equating to 39% of all public sector emissions in England. Endoscopy appears to be a major contributor to the UK’s carbon footprint, generating on average 3.09kg of waste per bed per day, making this department the third highest emitting hospital department.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has placed sustainability at the centre of their strategy, and at GI UK Medical, we believe the gastroenterology community should be a part of this movement. We must reinvent endoscopy with a view to protecting the planet on which we rely!

At GI UK, we are dedicated to helping the NHS reach their ‘NetZero’ goal by 2045.

GI UK Medical and Greener Endoscopy will work hand in hand to help towards a greener NHS

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